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In the beginning there was… the football betting Modern football, as we know it today, was “invented” in the middle of the 19th century. More than 160 years later this sport is a social phenomenon which attracted the attention of more than three billion people during the last World Cup. Without doubt every one of these football supporters has his own favourite team or player. No matter whether it is Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Bayern or some other club or we are talking about Pele, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo – every single fan has their idols to adore and enemies to despise. Since the beginning of the 20-th century football has been accompanied by allies, who have made this game even more exciting – the bookmakers. As is the case with the game itself the bookies also came a long way…


Sports betting on soccer
Not only is the United Kingdom regarded as the birthplace of the football game, but it is also the country, where the football bet was born. The first case of official soccer betting was actually recorded in 1923. Soon after it was established it turned out to be a massive hit among the football supporters. Nearly a century later betting on football has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. Of course the traditional way of placing bets changed completely with the development of the technologies and the introduction of online football betting. Its actual debut came in 1998 for the World Cup tournament in France. Nowadays betting on soccer has become so significant that it generates 70% of the annual trade on the entire sports betting market. Today hundreds of football betting sites operate on a daily basis all around the world and the competition between them is fierce. So, just imagine the following situation: it's Saturday, you've got your mates round for a few beers and the game's on TV - what could be better? How about making a pile of cash out of it at the same time? Whether you're an armchair pundit or a demon with the stats, football betting is a great way to spice things up and earn some extra money towards that season ticket. At 10Bet we've got all the action covered and some of the best sports betting odds on the net, and you can get access to it from anywhere at any time, via web or mobile! Ready to get the party started? Join now for free! And be sure that 10Bet always offers its customers some of the best football betting odds.

How to bet on football

You want the Premiership, Championship, League One and League Two? You've got it. You want Scottish football, Champions League, Serie A, Bundesliga, international games? You've got that too, as well as top football betting odds on all of the best leagues from across the globe. We’ve got all the games, and what's more we've got up to the minute stats on all the teams and all the players: use that information to score some goals of your own! Start betting on football with 10Bet today by registering a free account. For your welcome bonus, simply deposit using bonus code FD200 and you'll get 50% up to €200. Football odds today depend mainly on the importance of the game upon which the bet is being placed. The more the match matters, the bigger are the options for your soccer betting odds. If predicting the game’s outcome or the name of the goal scorer was sufficient for bettors 10 years ago, it is definitely not any more. For example, a soccer bet on a Champions League game could give the customers of 10Bet more than 100 betting options. Some of them refer to yellow and red cards, penalties, offsides, ball possession and there are many more. Yet football’s betting market is not the only one developing. Users are constantly improving their performance as well. Many of them rely on football betting stats or soccer betting tips before making their predictions. They also use special software programs in order to track the latest football odds. Nowadays all football results are being followed thanks to the technologies, which provide their users with live football scores. And with the latest football scores available at 10Bet people could place their soccer bet 24/7. Live football betting has actually become the most exciting part of the soccer betting these days. No matter if you are using some football bet tips or not.


Betting odds on soccer-football
So, how to bet on soccer? There is no definite answer to that question. Maybe there is not even a best way to bet on football. While some people rely on their pure intuition or follow their hearts (by betting on their favourite teams), others prefer to use the cold logic of mathematic probabilities. But sometimes the Beautiful game, as the Brazilians call it, just has its own unwritten rules, which don’t always obey the betting tips for football. To put it in other words – sometimes some of the football betting tips for today could not be applied to tomorrow’s games, because there is no universal recipe for successful football betting. No matter which way you choose 10Bet provides you with the ultimate betting experience, because there are not many feelings that can be compared to the joy of winning. And that is why 10Bet constantly tries to make football live betting more and more exciting by offering its customers more than 20,000 live events per month. Furthermore, there are 60,000 unique events on a monthly basis. Our clients choose from 1000+ types of bets on more than 60+ types of sports. There are welcome and reload bonuses as well as great monthly promotions which make the betting experience outstanding. So, don’t hesitate and join the football party right now!