The betting app
that sticks.

Please wash your hands before
touching the 10bet app because
this shiny thing is brand new.
Sure, our previous bet app was really
great, but ‘really great’ is boring
so we created this one instead.
We adore it, and here are 10 reasons
you’re going to adore it too.

1 Faster loading sports betting

The 10bet sports betting and casino betting app loads faster than it took you to read this sentence.

2 The super user friendly 10bet app

Get ready to pound it with a simpler, funnier, easy-going, and ultra-intuitive new UI/UX.

3 Faster withdrawals with 10bet

With 10bet betting app for iOS and Android, withdrawing your winnings is like transferring money from one pocket to another, only without needing to stand up.

4 Woohoo odds for sports & casino betting

Our usual odds are wow enough at 10bet, but this is something else. In a way, we're the only UK betting app that skipped enhanced odds and went straight to enhanced-enhanced odds. So yeah, get used to woohoo on daily basis.

5 Tons of free bets with 10bet

10bet’s daily avalanche of free sports bets takes the pleasure of the game up a notch. If you hate football you’re going to like it. If you like it, you’re going to love it. And if you love it, well, now you’re going to love it even more.

6 The Ten Club

Want to get better offers, gifts and high-end hospitality? Join the club.
10bet’s exclusive VIP lounge – limited to 1000 bettors only.

7 Android, iOS - especially for everyone

The 10bet experience performs the best on your favourite screen. How do we know it’s your favourite? We don't, we made sure it works best on all of them: iOS, Android, mobiles, tablets, mini tablets, laptops, TVs … you can even connect to a cinema screen if that’s your thing and all you have to worry about is the popcorn.

8 Less searching, more finding

There’s no more hiding for the top leagues and your favourite events, thanks to the Top Markets Widget, the new Sports Filter and the Recent Search Results tool. So, if you're searching for the best sports betting app around, stop searching.

9 The bet app with a lively feel

Live Match Tracker 3.0, the latest play-by-play widget by Betradar provides live and kicking visualization of match action in real time. Along with the Sports Data API which powers quick data and faster odds updates, with the 10bet sports app you’re going to feel like you're in the game.

10 Responsible gambling at 10bet

We take responsible gambling very seriously. So you’ll find all kinds of helpful tools on our app to make sure you’re on top of your sports betting and casino betting and it’s always just for fun.